Due to the severity of the Coronavirus-COVID-19 Masses and Programs at St. Katharine Drexel Parish have been cancelled. Follow Mass at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHECXQ64mGvvBufTwxSUugA
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Mission Statement

As the Ceremonial of Bishops states: "The adornment and decor of a church should be such as to make the church a visible sign of love and reverence toward God." (38)

The ministry serves St. Katharine Drexel as charge with care of the sacristy, the church and their contents.

What is most important about the ministry is the sacristan carefully arranges the liturgical books, the vestments and other things necessary in the celebration of Mass.  Also under the general direction of the clergy who undertakes the overall preparation of liturgical celebrations.

Membership includes Sr. Christiana Onyewuche, EHJ, Robert Gittens, Phyllis DeSilva, Francis Ibili and Gina Pitts.

Qualifications for membership is a willingness to serve.

The ministry meets every Sunday and special days of worship.