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Living with the Words of Saint Katharine Drexel

Words of St. Katharine Drexel

“The Lord’s ways are not all paved highways.”
Mk 6:1-6

My life is a moving picture of scenes which recall Gods's wonderful providence.

The Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Remember -- Christ shed the last drop of His Blood for love of you.

When you are suffering reflect that Jesus is bestowing on you some small portion of His cross, be not discouraged.

Rise and meet the magnificence of the Lord.

Insight is gained by looking up.

How intense should my love be for you and all for whom I pray.

Thank You God for Everything that makes me die to self - die to sin.

Eternal life has to be bought at the price of our natural life.

To obtain heaven I must die to sin and to self.

From communion to communion let us belong entirely to God.

Teach me, O my dear mother, as I kneel with thee at the foot of the cross.  Teach me the lesson of sacrifice.

O my Mother, imprint deeply in my heart the wounds of thy crucified Son.

If I ask, I shall receive.

O Dearest Jesus, teach me to be generous, to give and not to count the cost.

I owe gratitude surely to our Lord, the Divine Spouse of my soul.

I know His voice so well.

A little foot does not make big strides; it can only take little steps.

Let us see God and take everything as coming form His hand.

Whatever you are and whatever you do for yourself or others proceeds from a pure act of God's mercy.

Never neglect prayer.  Let your prayer rest on the merits of Jesus

If God wants it, it will succeed.

I firmly believe that we don't realize the power that is ours in the companionship of Jesus which is ours.

It is the privilege of every Christian to be an apostle.

Patience is like an anchor which keeps the soul in security in the midst of storms.

How powerful is prayer; it obtains all things.

The Lord's ways are not all paved highways.

A missionary is on sent with the power of Christ.

Unite ourselves to the heart of Jesus in all our occupations.

The eye of my soul must be ever fixed upon Jesus.

The whole Eucharistic Spirit is Spirit of charity between the members of Christ.